Our App Development

We have four Apps in the App Store and have a number in various stages of development. As those titles in development near completion we shall add information to the site in advance of their release.


Alphagator HD and Alphagator

Fun word game. Can you spell your way out of danger? Quickly tap letters to spell out words .. the larger the word, the more points you earn … and keep the weight off the bar. Too many letters remaining unused causes the bar to fall. If it falls too far the Alphagators will pounce and the round will be over.



Letter Lynx HD and Letter Lynx

Fun word game. Two great gameplay versions. Classic mode for a 5x5 letter panel (4x4 for iPhone). Touch to create words and beat the clock. Arcade mode adds in special FREEZE and hidden POISON letters that slow or speed up time. Random double points, a soothing soundtrack and fun sound FX round out this perfect time-filler. Train your brain and have fun at the same time!



AstroballBlaster HD and Astroball Blast

4 fun game mechanics in one great App! 80 challenging levels all with beautiful graphics perfect for the quick pick-up game or best-score session. Easy-to-master game play will have you started in seconds ... gradually increasing difficulty will keep you in the fun. Excellent for adults and kids .. it's a casual gamer's perfect App!



Sports Interval Timer HD

A clean and elegant sports interval App perfect for recreational games of soccer, basketball or any other game where you need to easily track time to sub in players or rotate teams or team-mates. 3, 5 and 7 minute intervals are pre-set so anyone can start and reset the clock without sometimes confusing features. Used extensively in indoor soccer play as a display clock ... this App just works right for it's intended purpose. Feel free to email us using the support email and we'll consider any valid request for additional features and will include in future free updates. We're huge soccer fans and play a few times a week using this App and it makes our games so much better since starting and using this App is so intuitive!