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Mobile Game Development is a three person mobile app game development company. Our first title is Astroball Blaster in HD for the iPad *** AND NOW FOR THE iPHONE ***. It contains four game dynamics each with 20 levels (80 in total) which are sure to keep the casual gamer entertained and engaged for hours of playtime or a few minutes here and there.


Using easy to grasp touch actions you shoot the Astroball, blasting into various targets and obstacles; aiming to use as few shots and as little time as possible to gain a high score and star rewards. In a separate area, Levels require you to use tilt buttons to control the Astroball Blaster down platforms, hitting targets and overcoming obstacles to reach the goal.

The first Level in each Area is unlocked so you can play (and replay) any you want. The challenge increases as you progress through each Area so you have a few levels to master the gameplay. Play for a few minutes every now and then or sit down for a lengthy session ... either way is a lot of fun! The App also includes four great soundtracks from


Please email us if you have an issue with any of our games; would like to suggest ideas or improvements or just to say Hi ... we'd be happy to hear from you!